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Construction Materials Testing & Inspections

At Leaders, we understand that the most cost-effective way to ensure that construction projects are completed to specification and within budget is to perform construction materials testing, right on time. Our testing and inspection services ensure that your project is not burdened with time-consuming and expensive re-work to correct failures.

Our lab is staffed by experienced engineering technicians trained to perform testing to standards set by Florida DOT, AASHTO, PCA, Army Corps of Engineers, ASTM and many other recognized and accepted government and industry agencies. We calibrate our equipment annually. Our lab is inspected annually by independent agencies, such as Florida DOT, the Concrete Materials Engineering Council (CMEC) and the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE).

  • Asphalt:  Roadway & Plant Inspections, Pavement Smoothness

  • Concrete:  Air Content, Testing Specimens, Sampling, Slump, Temperature, Unit Weight

  • Masonry:  Field Inspection & Quality Control, Masonry Prisms, Mortar Cube, Grout Prism

  • Soils:  Field Density (Compaction), Demucking Inspection, Foundation Construction Observation, Moisture Content

  • Structural Steel:  Bolt Inspections, Post-Tensioning & Reinforcing Steel Inspections, Non-Destructive Testing, Welding Inspection