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Stabilization Monitoring Services

Leaders’ Stabilization Technicians are specially trained in subsurface stabilization procedures. We ensure the safety and stability of your project.  We monitor subsurface conditions like sinkholes, subsidence, and general soil fortification related to deleterious elements.   

  • Prior to the start of stabilization, our engineers and stabilization technicians review the detailed project summary.
  • Each technician clearly understands the recommendations for each specific property.
  • Leaders’ technicians check in daily with the professional engineer assigned to the project to review all activities completed.
  • Our technicians monitor and document the linear footage of all pipe and direct the pipe termination under the supervision of our professional engineer.
  • They record installation of injection pipes and/or underpins and depth of pipe in the field each day on specialized field sheets. These specialized field sheets are relayed to the professional engineer at the end of each day.
  • During grouting operations, we conduct daily calibrations to determine the amount of grout being utilized.
  • Leaders conducts strength tests on grout as needed in our laboratory.
  • Technicians monitor and document all field activities during stabilization activities including heave, tight pipe and grout communication.
  • Our technicians immediately report to our professional engineer if there is any anomaly during stabilization operation. The professional engineer can then communicate any problems to the assigned project manager.
  • One of Leaders’ professional engineers (geotechnical and/or structural) visits the site during stabilization activities.