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Subsurface Exploration and Drilling Services

Leaders provides field exploration services, including drilling and preliminary field reconnaissance (muck probes and hand augers). Drilling services include SPT borings and CPT soundings with truck, track and barge rigs. Leaders has the capability to drill within high-density populated areas, heavily-wooded areas, water-saturated areas and into water bodies with our wide variety of readily-available equipment inventory.

Evaluation of subsurface soils and groundwater conditions is important to the development and design of construction projects. The evaluation confirms the allowable capacities of foundations, settlement potential and groundwater conditions. Also, it is extremely important that the subsurface exploration program evaluates potential site development and long-term performance problems. After performing subsurface studies, Leaders can identify cost-effective remediation alternatives for use by other members of your design team.

Leaders plans each subsurface exploration project to determine the information needed by the project designers based on the project type, size, structural loading and planned construction methods. Therefore, our understanding of the project before proposal development is essential to meeting the owner’s needs at the lowest cost. Our final report provides the designer with soil stratigraphy, depth to groundwater, location of rock, difficult subsurface conditions requiring remediation and appropriate design considerations, such as bearing capacity, settlement and permeability.

Leaders’ Drilling Capabilities:

  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Borings
  • Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Soundings
  • Environmental Drilling Services, Levels A through D
  • Auger Borings
  • Undisturbed Soil Sampling (Shelby Tubes, Pitcher Barrel and Osterberg samplers)
  • Diamond-Bit, Rock Coring
  • Soil Resistivity Studies
  • Aquifer Packer Tests
  • Compliance Quality, Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Seismic Refraction Profiling
  • Grouting Services
  • Aquifer Pump Tests
  • Methane Monitoring Wells
  • Downhole Shear Modulus Determinations and Dilatometer Testing
  • Inclinometer Installation
  • Monitoring Well Installation and Grouting: 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” Diameters.