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Sinkhole Assessments

Much of Florida’s landscape is characterized by a discontinuity in the limestone beneath the surficial soil. This discontinuity provides a path for water to erode the deeper soils. With time, the surficial soils subside leaving a circular depression which is commonly called a sinkhole. Leaders’ highly-skilled engineers have evaluated and reported on the character of these soils on hundreds of construction projects in Florida. Pre-design of a construction project should include an investigation of the deep soils to evaluate for potential sinkhole development and any potential impacts on the proposed construction project.

Because Florida was historically developed without regard to potential sinkhole activity, sinkhole damage is common. Every year, sinkholes damage existing structures such as residences, commercial properties, swimming pools and roadways.

Here’s how Leaders investigates a suspected sinkhole:

  • Our team performs an initial inspection of the property.
  • Our experts explore the landscape through sophisticated testing:
    • Geophysical Surveys
    • Hand Cone Penetrometer Probes
    • Standard Penetration Test (SPT ) Borings
    • Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Soundings
  • We research and study historical/reference data, aerial maps dating back to the 1930s, hydro-geological data published by state and national agencies and topographic quadrangles.
  • Our certified technicians perform laboratory testing and soil classification studies in our CMEC-certified laboratory, using calibrated CMEC-accredited lab equipment and instruments.
  • We provide a final report, signed and sealed by our Professional Engineer, with a detailed summary of the data and our findings, conclusions and appropriate recommendations, as determined necessary.