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Site Assessment and Analysis

Leaders offers environmental services to assist you in making expedient, sound investment decisions. Leaders  tailors our offerings to your specific and unique challenges. We provide threatened and endangered species assessments, historical research reports and due diligence reports for potential real estate investments.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Our team of Environmental Services Specialists perform detailed Phase 1 ESAs to identify potential liabilities and Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) at your project site.  We comply with industry-accepted ASTM International Standard Practice E1527-13, as well as municipal, county and federal regulatory agencies.

Due Diligence – Real Estate Investments

Information is power. Informed decisions pave the way for success. We help you mitigate risk by performing due diligence for your potential project. We deliver  thorough Due Diligence reports that outlines our research methods, findings and professional recommendations.

  • What is the best use of this potential investment?
  • Does the site meet my use requirements and vision?
  • Are there any critical failures inherent in the site?
  • Are there any costly measures required to make use of the site?
  • If so, what would corrective action cost?
  • Should I sharpen my pencil? Go back to the drawing table and renegotiate?

Leaders arms you with the data you need to ask the right questions.